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Small Bros. Truck & Auto Repair Inc. Quality tire and alignment services

Quality tire and alignment services

If your steering wheel is starting to pull to one side, it's time to stop in and have your tires and alignment looked at. Our professional team of mechanics can determine the cause of your problems and suggest an affordable solution.


 •  Wheel alignment

 •  Tire installation

 •  Tire balancing

 •  Suspension

Dependable tire brands

Because we specialize in the repair of heavy-duty hauling equipment like semi-trucks, we carry an extremely large inventory of quality tire brands. We can help you choose the tire size and brand that's right for your vehicle.


 •  Goodyear

 •  Bridgestone

 •  Michelin

 •  Yokohama Tires

Take care of your vehicle's tires

Enjoy greater handling on the road